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Ann Caldwell is a singer,song writer and story teller. She

has the quiet energy of a

windmill yet the soulful voice

and power of a locomotive.

Ann's rich, organic sound wraps around a  note, then takes it

and the listener  to a different

space in time. Ann brings a

unique rhythm to every, beat

and word. 



A native of Denmark, SC,  Ann brings with her the spirit of her  ancestors who used music as a way to commune with each other and God. Ann, along with the Magnolia Singers continues to pay homage to the ancestors with a presentation entitled " A Lesson in Spirituals ".


Never one to be boxed in, Ann's artistic quiver includes: R & B,  Jazz, Gospel, Spirituals, Folk,

and  children's songs.  Ann performs for audiences 

( large or small ) of all ages. 

Ann was honored ( along with the likes of Jack McCray and James Jamerson ) by being inducted into the 2018 Lowcountry Music Hall of  Fame.

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