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Praise House!

Ann Caldwell and the Magnolia Singers

a lesson in spirituals

" Praise House " is an interactive presentation that provides a taste of  the Gullah culture. Participants, along with the Magnolia Singers, will try their hand at recreating the atmosphere of the Praise House by clapping, stompimg their feet, and singing along using the Gullah language.


On occassion the format for this presentation is a circle. Circles commonly represent unity, wholeness, and infinity. Without beginning or end, without sides or corners. All are active listeners and /or participants.


To help with participation, visitors are given song sheets to help with the pronunciation of difficult to understand Gullah words or phrases.


Join us as we will sing the words of the ancestors with the cadence of  the Lowcountry double clap and share in the customs  and language of the Gullah people.

 For details and booking information

call Ann Caldwell at 843 577 4634


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